igoogle, do ugoogle?

i like the new google. the igoogle or whatever. it's real keen. it saves all the sites i've been to. omg, it's totally like big brother and stuff!! oh noes!!1! what will they think of next? those evil google folk. they want me to be able to easily see that one cool site i went to when i clicked on that link from that one blog a while ago but i can't remember what it's called. they want me to be able to see the videos i've watched from google video, and the news stories i've read from google news!! bastards!! why would you even attempt to make my online life easier for me? i know it's all about the money. they just want my money don't they? well, yeah, probably. but that's beside(s) the point.

it's just fucking cool, man. i can customize the google homepage. i can make seperate tabs for whatever i wish. right now i only have a news and a games and then the default one. i haven't spent too much time with all that. i am mainly intrigued by the web history part. the part where i can go to find out what day of the week, or hours of the day i do the most "web searching." or what queries, sites, or clicks i do the most. although, that particular part seems like it needs a little work. but, it's like last.fm only for the internets. it's pretty sweet. ok then.