gas and movies

ol' drudge is at it again with his gasoline stories. remember last time when he said gas is $4 a gallon in San Francisco, but it turns out with a little research it was one store and it was doing it out of spite for shell? yeah, i remember.

well, this time he says gas stations are refusing to sell gas. as in more than one, as in oh possibly tens or hundreds or even thousands. but it's only 2 in reality. at least it's only 2 in that story he's linked. oh well.

i also saw on the drudge a thing about how the new pirates of the caribbean movie could make over $200 million dollars this weekend. wow, that's absolutely ridiculous. people don't mind spending $200 million dollars to see a freakin movie, but they bitch and moan if the governemnt doesn't give enough money to whatever their favorite cause is that day.

i hate seeing movies at movie theaters. i hate contributing to numbers like $200 million in 4 days, or $151 million in 3 days. last year i saw one movie in the theaters, Borat, and i saw it twice. so i'm not completely in the clear on that issue. but i did watch it online for free one time, so that made up for it. right?