Unwelcomed Inspections

So tomorrow in the apartments where I live they are doing a mandatory inspection of all the units. Or at least all the units in my building. This is no good for me. This means that I have to clean up my messy abode. I don't want to do this. It's not that bad for the most part, but the kitchen is messy as heck. And heck is messy. I don't know if they care if my home is messy, but I don't want them to get any ideas about me that the shouldn't be having. I don't know what these would be but it's better safe than sorry I suppose.

I don't really know what they're looking for when they do their inspections. I would like to be here to find out. However, tomorrow my mother has the day off work and we are going to the thing about the human body at the science place. I don't know the correct names for either the exhibition or the place it is exibited, but does that matter? No, it doesn't. So anyways, I'll be there tomorrow while my apartment is being inspected.

So I'll never know what they were looking for or at or anything. Perhaps it's better that way. I don't need to know why some strangers are coming into my apartment. They probably do it all the time anyways. How am I to know? I don't have surveillance cameras installed. Hey that's a good idea, I should do that.

Oh wait, what if there was a camera or cameras installed looking around the front of my building and then it was directed to the cable line or something and then people could put the tv on a special channel and then we could see what was happening outside while we were inside. That'd be badass. Well I'm done typing now. Ok then.


The Start Of Something New

Another in a short line of blog entries. But with each new one it grows. Unless I decide to delete some prior entries. But I won't do that, I won't deprive you of my wonderful writings. You have come to love them. Haven't you? Oh you haven't? Crap, I'll try harder. I just want to please you. That's all I'm here for.

I'm not doing this for my own benefit. This is all for you. Yeah, that's right you. Oh, you thought I like doing this? No freakin way. You don't understand what a horrible experience I experience every time I am forced to sit down and type out these messages. But I put up with it for you.

There are so many things I do for you that you don't even know about. I'm not going to tell you now cause I don't want the recognition. I just want you to know that I do more for you than you could ever imagine. So please try and show me some respect.

Oh that's real funny. Flipping me the bird isn't showing me respect no matter how you try and spin it. That's just like you though. Biting the hand that feeds you. You're so predictable. I just hope that someday you'll understand. I know that day is not today and it probably won't be any time soon. But it'll happen. And when it does, you'll look back on your actions and attitude of today and feel a bit of shame. I'm just trying to help and you only try and hurt. You'll see. One day.


It's been a long time, too long a time

What the hell is the matter with me? Why can't I keep up with making entries in this blog? I do it on my myspace blog. But this one I sort of forget about. I've even got that cool "blog this" button but I don't use it. Well, I'll try harder. And this time I mean it.


take a deep breath

so i was getting the report from drudge yesterday and i saw sex in a spray. i just had to check it out. who could resist? the sex in a spray is an up and coming new product from Palatin Technologies. it's really called bremelanotide. i think sex in a spray is quite a bit more catchy personally.

this bremelanotide is for both men and women. it is inhaled (sprayed?) through the nose and goes right to the brain. (as opposed to viagra which acts on the circulatory system). apparently the effects are virtually instantaneous. sounds fun!

it is still being tested and is un-approved. but could be here in 3 years. this sounds like a number one seller to me. think of all the uses for this product. so, with that in mind, i took a trip to over to yahoo finance and took a look. as of this typing the stock (PTN) had finished the day at $2.82, up $0.13. so i'm going to keep an eye on that one. ok then.



oh man this is great!

this is hilarious!!! 2 women fell for it! this guy is hideous looking. i guess some ladies just are really desperate! ha, just joking.

Fake Breast Doc Busted - April 19, 2006

Porn, is there anything it can't do?

we can learn a lot from porn. not just new and dirtier ways to have sex. but how to go facilitate sales of products in a manner that is not so draconian and customer un-friendly.

Porn Industry Again at the Tech Forefront - Los Angeles Times


no good underwood

well i've been reading kevin underwood's blog quite a bit last night and today. if'n you don't know who he is you can read about him here. to make a long horrible story short, he murdered, and apparently was planning on eating, a 10 year old girl in oklahoma.

you can read his blog too if you wish. a couple things that i have read were interesting. i don't remember when this entry was from but it says that he had applied for a job at a prison but was repeatedly denied. maybe he liked the place so much he didn't care how he got in. if he couldn't work there then he'd just have to do something to get himself incarcerated there. that's just a theory though.

he also types about a store that was named "the pedophile's palace" this shop was in a game called kingdom of loathing. he said the name was horrifle, but i think he actually liked it.

so anyways, i was just making an entry here.


this just in....

according to oprah winfrey it is not a bad thing to be wealthy!
she says "I have lots of things, like all these Manolo Blahniks. I have all that and I think it's great. I'm not one of those people like, 'Well, we must renounce ourselves.' No, I have a closet full of shoes and it's a good thing."

Well this is news to me, i tell you. i thought that being poor and living paycheck to paycheck was the only way to go. i might just have to rethink my views on certain things.

i mean who wants to be able to have what you want when you want it? who wants to not have to work if you don't want to work? this is just too crazy a concept for me to get my hands around. i'm gonna have to go and think about this one.

Mickey Hart loves slavery

it's true, i just saw it on cnn. in case you don't know he played drums for the greatful dead. he was being interviewed about digitizing audio with the lady from tv. and they played a bob hope clip. then the issue of bob hope being an immigrant came up. mickey said it's a good thing that the borders weren't closed then (as they obviously are now) or there might have been no bob hope as we know him. then seconds later they were talking about tito puente and something was said about mickey hart being influenced by drumming brought from slaves. so in essence he supports slavery. that's what i got out of the interview. ok then.