no good underwood

well i've been reading kevin underwood's blog quite a bit last night and today. if'n you don't know who he is you can read about him here. to make a long horrible story short, he murdered, and apparently was planning on eating, a 10 year old girl in oklahoma.

you can read his blog too if you wish. a couple things that i have read were interesting. i don't remember when this entry was from but it says that he had applied for a job at a prison but was repeatedly denied. maybe he liked the place so much he didn't care how he got in. if he couldn't work there then he'd just have to do something to get himself incarcerated there. that's just a theory though.

he also types about a store that was named "the pedophile's palace" this shop was in a game called kingdom of loathing. he said the name was horrifle, but i think he actually liked it.

so anyways, i was just making an entry here.