just as i suspected.

as i was saying earlier...just saw this on hotair. ro is a go. what a wuss she turned out to be. i guess it's true that once you stand up to a bully they stop harassing you. she couldn't even handle the 3 remaining weeks she was supposed to be there expressing her "view." how you gonna speak truth to power now ro?

big fat lesbian

that big fat lesbian rosie has a new supporter in her "feud" with elisabeth hasselbeck on the view. none other than donald trump himself. he calls e-liz "...the dumbest person on tv." and adds, "i mean, she's supporting the war in iraq, which is pretty hard to do." ha! good one don. you and rosie o.d. are the two people i think of first when i want to get information and whatnot about war policy matters.

oh, and according to the may 24 ask rosie, she can't stand the heat so apparently she's getting out of the kitchen so to speak. i don't think she ever leaves the kitchen in real life, well, she probably has people who do the kitchen work so maybe she does. she eats a lot is what i'm sayin.

gas and movies

ol' drudge is at it again with his gasoline stories. remember last time when he said gas is $4 a gallon in San Francisco, but it turns out with a little research it was one store and it was doing it out of spite for shell? yeah, i remember.

well, this time he says gas stations are refusing to sell gas. as in more than one, as in oh possibly tens or hundreds or even thousands. but it's only 2 in reality. at least it's only 2 in that story he's linked. oh well.

i also saw on the drudge a thing about how the new pirates of the caribbean movie could make over $200 million dollars this weekend. wow, that's absolutely ridiculous. people don't mind spending $200 million dollars to see a freakin movie, but they bitch and moan if the governemnt doesn't give enough money to whatever their favorite cause is that day.

i hate seeing movies at movie theaters. i hate contributing to numbers like $200 million in 4 days, or $151 million in 3 days. last year i saw one movie in the theaters, Borat, and i saw it twice. so i'm not completely in the clear on that issue. but i did watch it online for free one time, so that made up for it. right?


igoogle, do ugoogle?

i like the new google. the igoogle or whatever. it's real keen. it saves all the sites i've been to. omg, it's totally like big brother and stuff!! oh noes!!1! what will they think of next? those evil google folk. they want me to be able to easily see that one cool site i went to when i clicked on that link from that one blog a while ago but i can't remember what it's called. they want me to be able to see the videos i've watched from google video, and the news stories i've read from google news!! bastards!! why would you even attempt to make my online life easier for me? i know it's all about the money. they just want my money don't they? well, yeah, probably. but that's beside(s) the point.

it's just fucking cool, man. i can customize the google homepage. i can make seperate tabs for whatever i wish. right now i only have a news and a games and then the default one. i haven't spent too much time with all that. i am mainly intrigued by the web history part. the part where i can go to find out what day of the week, or hours of the day i do the most "web searching." or what queries, sites, or clicks i do the most. although, that particular part seems like it needs a little work. but, it's like last.fm only for the internets. it's pretty sweet. ok then.


Christian-Newsom Murders

wow, i just heard about this today. which is pretty amazing given what happened. and what happened? well, a bunch of black folk decided to carjack, kidnap, rape, genitally mutilate, force to consume bleach, cut up, burn, have their friends come over and see, and who knows what else, to a young white couple in knoxville, tennessee.

and, this happened in january of this year. that's quite a while ago eh? yes, yes it is. why wasn't this a big media story? was it because blacks torturemutilatingkilling whites goes against the pc bullshit perpetuated by major media outlets and douch bags like al sharpton? only white folk have the ability to commit such heinous acts and when they do they'll report the shit out of it. am i right or am i right?

yea, i'm right. reporting on this story would undermine all the years and years of making up for all that white oppression. it's a wonderful day for racial equality when a bunch of blacks can brutally murder a couple of whites and hardly anyone will ever hear of it. i'm sure MLK Jr. would be so proud of you!


raising prices out of spite

i saw on the top o' the drudge the $4/gallon in san francisco pic/link. scary. oh, but wait. there's this, perhaps the reason behind it? unless it's a different shell station in san francisco that has $4/gallon gas.


catcher in the rye

i started reading this book again a while back. i read it in h.s. but that was a long time ago. so i started reading it again but then stopped. but then i told someone about librivox and he went thurr to see if'n they had c.i.t.r. but they don't. so i'ma do it myself. ok then.

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