Christian-Newsom Murders

wow, i just heard about this today. which is pretty amazing given what happened. and what happened? well, a bunch of black folk decided to carjack, kidnap, rape, genitally mutilate, force to consume bleach, cut up, burn, have their friends come over and see, and who knows what else, to a young white couple in knoxville, tennessee.

and, this happened in january of this year. that's quite a while ago eh? yes, yes it is. why wasn't this a big media story? was it because blacks torturemutilatingkilling whites goes against the pc bullshit perpetuated by major media outlets and douch bags like al sharpton? only white folk have the ability to commit such heinous acts and when they do they'll report the shit out of it. am i right or am i right?

yea, i'm right. reporting on this story would undermine all the years and years of making up for all that white oppression. it's a wonderful day for racial equality when a bunch of blacks can brutally murder a couple of whites and hardly anyone will ever hear of it. i'm sure MLK Jr. would be so proud of you!