take a deep breath

so i was getting the report from drudge yesterday and i saw sex in a spray. i just had to check it out. who could resist? the sex in a spray is an up and coming new product from Palatin Technologies. it's really called bremelanotide. i think sex in a spray is quite a bit more catchy personally.

this bremelanotide is for both men and women. it is inhaled (sprayed?) through the nose and goes right to the brain. (as opposed to viagra which acts on the circulatory system). apparently the effects are virtually instantaneous. sounds fun!

it is still being tested and is un-approved. but could be here in 3 years. this sounds like a number one seller to me. think of all the uses for this product. so, with that in mind, i took a trip to over to yahoo finance and took a look. as of this typing the stock (PTN) had finished the day at $2.82, up $0.13. so i'm going to keep an eye on that one. ok then.